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Top 10 Fashion Apps
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Our Favorite Apps:

Favorite Fashion Apps

POSE - Gain inspiration for an update to your office look or how to wear the latest spring colors. This app allows you to follow the stylish from across the globe. Hundreds of new styling ideas!!

Fashion Kaleidoscope FASHION KALEIDOSCOPE - This app is to fashion, what Shazam is to music. See an outfit on a passerby you must have? Just point and click – the app will look up the items for you!

Favorite Fashion Apps

CLOTHIA - For iPad only – A fashionista’s dream app!! We’re obsessed with the ease of use for building our wardrobes as well as making suggestions for clients.

Favorite Fashion Apps SHOPSTYLE - For iPhone & iPad only – Get alerts when your favorite items go on sale!

Favorite Fashion Apps

STYLESEAT - Need a last minute appointment for your hair, nails or facial? Find the top professionals in your area.

Favorite Fashion Apps STYLEBOOK - Worth the money as the app makes organizing your wardrobe and wish lists so easy, you’ll actually use it! $3.99

Favorite Fashion Apps PRETTY IN MY POCKET (PRIMP) - Download instant reviews of beauty products from a variety of your favorite stores, from Nordstrom to Walgreens.

Favorite Fashion Apps 7 MINUTE WORKOUT - Voice prompted workout including 12 exercises that target different muscle groups in 30 second intervals. Amazing!

Favorit Fashion Apps YOGA STUDIO - iPhone/iPad only – Precise instruction on the various poses. Good for your mind and body, whether beginner or pro.

Favorite Fashion Apps MY FITNESS PAL - This popular app logs calories burned while exercising and your calorie intake based on a database of over 3,000,000 food items. We love it!!
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