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1350 Brinkley Drive
  Jackson,  MS 39213
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?Brand: Sharon Treasures Designs: Floating Hearts & Diamonds???18 Karat Gold Type/Style: Pendant, Earrings, Bangle Bracelet Designs may be ordered in: Yellow, Rose or White Gold Price for Designs: Pendant $8,800 Earrings: $10,700 Bangle Bracelet Style 1): $19,300 Style 2) $25,000 All prices in US Dollars An Italian manufacture is in post production stages of making my designs and is ready for production. Sketches from the manufacture can be sent to you, via email. This skilled manufacture makes many private label designs for very high profile companies, worldwide. Thus, the quality and the beauty will be displayed in each of our designs. These designs will be made on a ?Request by Order Basis.? Your business check must clear the bank, before your order is processed with the manufacture. Production time: 8 Weeks. The designs will be lovely! Great for: Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduation, Christmas, Any Expression of the Heart??? and more. Important Note: My designs are not massed produced, yet. So, customers will not see themselves coming and going. Some designs will have variations of style. Eighty designs may be made with White Diamonds, while that same design in the same store or another fashion forward location may be made with Blue Diamonds in a smaller or larger quantity. For now, my designs are to be featured in many fine boutiques, specialty stores, fine hotel shop boutiques, etc. Buyers from fine departments, globally are welcome to order our designs for their customers with an array of choices, per collection. Every two to three months, I will have more designs for your company to present to your many customers. The next designs will consist of product for men and women......pendants, earring, cuff links, etc. The manufacture for these designs is from Thailand. I love what they are doing with the designs Each collection will be beautiful! ? The goal is to build relations with fine owners/buyers globally for years of fine purchases of our designs. Projections for our website: Summer 2008 At that time, you may place your orders via 1)Business Check or 2)Major Credit Cards. Purchase Orders are to be sent to me via?.......... Federal Express?(signature required) Sharon Land, Chairman/CEO/Designer Sharon Elizabeth Land Incorporated 1350 Brinkley Drive Jackson, MS 39213 USA 1 + 601//366-2140 Monday thru Thursday 10AM to 2PM


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