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Those with hourglass figures have many choices on the designer racks, but the rest of us can benefit from the advice of a professional stylist. 

Fill out the form below and a professional stylist will provide personalized advice on selecting clothing to flatter and create the look you want for this season. 
This $64.95 service includes:
A report including lists of current styles, fabrics, patterns and accessories most complimentary to your body type, as well as suggestions for flattering looks from the current designer collections for your body type and fashion personality.
A checklist to assist you in examining the clothes in your closet to begin eliminating the clothing that no longer works for you based on your body analysis report. 
Six full months of email consultations where your stylist will help you start filling in the gaps to build a winning wardrobe.  She will also be available to answer fashion related questions, including where to find clothing, accessories, shoes, and affordable, high quality custom tailoring.

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Body Analysis Form

1. Body Proportions (Select a size  for each category: Height, Weight, etc.)
Height: Petite (under 5'3") Average (5'3" - 5'6") Tall (Over 5'6")
Weight: Slim Average Full
Waist Size: Slim Average Full
Waist Proportion*: Short Torso Average Torso Long Torso
Hips: Slim Average Full
Legs: Short Average Long
Bust: Small Average Full
Derriere: Slim Average Full
Arms: Slim Average Full
Arm Proportion: Short Average Long
Neck length: Short Average Long
Neck Size: Slim Average Heavy

Dress Size:

Your age: optional

*Determining Waist Proportion - Select 'short torso' if length from base of neck to crotch is shorter than the length of your legs (measured from crotch to ankles).
Select 'average torso' if length from base of neck to crotch is equal to the length of your legs
Select 'long torso' if length from base of neck to crotch is longer than the length of your legs
2. Body Shape (Select the sketch that best describes your overall body shape.  You may add comments below.)
Triangle A - Small waist, hips wider than shoulders, small bust   Triangle B - Full waist, hips wider than shoulders, small bust Inverted Triangle - Shoulders wider than hips, average to small bust
Round - Balanced hips and shoulders, generous bust and waist Rectangle - Balanced hips and shoulders, undefined waist, average bust Hourglass - Balanced hips and shoulders, defined waist, generous bust
Please describe any special considerations (example: you may be a combination of "round" and "hourglass," a "Triangle A" with large bust, or an "Hourglass" with small bust.)

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3.  Select the line that best describes your personal fashion style 
(You may select up to two if they apply, but please add an explanation below, if you check more than one).
Classic - Tailored, Understated, Elegant
Dramatic - Bold, Creative, Colorful
Natural - Easy, Casual, Comfortable
Romantic - Feminine, Soft, Flowing
Alluring - Chic, Sexy, Edgy
Comments: (example: "Classic Tailored" at work but "Alluring Chic" in the evening)
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"Thank you so much for the wonderful analysis - it was rather

"That's the best advice on dressing my body type I have found. There were many "A-ha!" moments.."

"Thank you so for this much needed advice.  This report is absolutely excellent- much better than any book I've read so far. "

"I now am starting to enjoy shopping; even if it's just to try on and look in the mirror, based on the information you've been sending me; it's like educating myself as to what really works and looks good, and why.  Thank you!"
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