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Success Through Self-Branding
Tips for the Savvy Businesswoman

 Our appearance speaks volumes about us before we ever say a word.  The initial contact between two people is eye-to-body.  We look at a person�s face first, evaluating their attractiveness.  Then we notice their clothing and body language.  At this point we begin to make judgments about their character, temperament, and professional abilities.  Hence, our image is tremendously important as we build our reputations in business.  We must use it as the powerful marketing tool that it is, to say to the world that we are �professional�, �credible�, �trustworthy� and �likeable�.  Here are 10 tips to help ensure this:

  • Consistency breeds trust.  Our message, image and body language must be consistent with one another.  If we say that our credentials are impeccable, then our appearance and the way we carry ourselves must be as well.  

  • Project an image of professionalism while maintaining an updated and modern appearance.   Your wardrobe should include a combination of trends (styles lasting 2-5 years) and classics (styles lasting over 5 years) as they will stand the test of time and prove to be good investments. 

  • A firm handshake exudes confidence.  Remember to maintain eye contact and smile.

  • Business cards, voicemail, websites, brochures, and other company materials should be consistent and mirror the authentic image of your company.   

  • Don�t wear clothes that are uncomfortable or do not radiate your personal style.  Consult an Image Consultant for a fashion personality assessment to help you make these choices.  

  • Avoid clutter in your environment.  An unkempt car, desk or briefcase may send signals that you are disorganized or scattered.  

  • Invest in the right jacket.  Every woman needs at least one great jacket that even in a more casual work environment can be paired with slacks or a skirt for that last minute meeting.   

  • Find a great hair stylist.  Invest in an attractive, basic design and cut.  It will pay off in easy maintenance and a polished appearance.     

  • When available, purchase all three pieces to a suit � jacket, skirt and pants.  This interchangeable set will make mixing and matching a breeze and packing for a business trip much easier.   

  • When visiting a company, find out what their dress code is so that you can dress accordingly.  If your dress style is too corporate for their casual environment, you may be judged as formal or stuffy.  If, on the other hand, they have a more formal environment and you are dressed too casually, you stand the risk of not being taken seriously.